Born 1974, Halesworth, England. Living and working in south London.

Lilliput Shot Put
(Model galleon, shot) 

Mothers and fathers little helpers
(Plastic condiment holders, viagra, valium)

No room at the England
(Soft toys, found storage vessels,wood, rope)

Domestic flight
(Model aircraft, ironing board)


By examining futuristic past predictions of the 21st century and the subsequent representation of that imagined future, I intend to look at our reliance on consumer technology, highlighting the insecurity and vulnerability of man caused by our desire for aspirational, consumer products. -A. Dix


In talking around the work, I could mention various things: my obsession with the unavoidable strangeness and absurdity of existence; the blackness of comedy; the genius of adopted bad taste; the artists' duty to offend sensibilities; the human ability to make a break in the clouds; the wonder of nowness; or the untapped potential of visual reality.
 -S. Williams


Portraiture and the recognizable silhouette of a head and bust is a motif I have kept constant throughout my work. The shape is reminiscent of a keyhole, and placed within an oval format it allows me to connect the viewer to a tradition of painting firmly rooted in the past.

However, through using mixed media, such as collage, and using high key colour to imbue the painting with an almost acidic, lurid quality, the imagery becomes “updated”. I paint on a miniature format, mirroring the small and covetable photographs and postcards that stimulate our memories of certain events.-A. Virji